UPDATE (June 11, 2015)

For all who purchased DVD sets, we are happy to announce that we are in the process of shipping them out to you. If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, please email Doug Woodward.



The conference A WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN was a complete success. Held at the Dublin Community Recreation Center in Dublin, Ohio, November 14-15, 2014, the weekend was filled with fellowship, excellent presentations, and edification of the church. And now you can experience all the wonderful truths that were presented over the two day event with the release of the Conference DVD Set. The set is complete with all 25 unique sessions of presentations and panels, as well as four bonus features, including a LIVE broadcast of Hagmann and Hagmann, and sit down interviews with Bill Salus, Russ Dizdar, and Cris Putnam, hosted by Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio.



1. A World Turned Upside Down (John Haller)

2. Get in the Game (Dave Daubenmire)

3. Israel and the Church: Will We Endure the Tribulation Together? (Doug Krieger)

4. The Apostasy of ‘Pop’ Theology in the Mega Church Near You! (Cris Putnam)

5. You Serve the God You See (Dave Daubenmire)

6. Why Eschatology Defines Your Theology (John Haller)

7. The Terrorist Threat Expanded: Satanic Super Soldiers Next Door (Russ Dizdar)

8. “Signs in the Heavens and On the Earth”….Man’s Days Are Numbered! (Doug Krieger)

9. The Paranormal, Powers and Principalities, and the Bible (Cris Putnam)

10. Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38, What’s Next? (Bill Salus)

11. The Fate of America (S. Douglas Woodward)

12. The Secret Weapons of Antichrist (Gonz Shimura)

13. The Politics of Satan (Russ Dizdar)

14. Astrobiology, the Vatican, and the Coming World Religion (Cris Putnam)

15. The Betrayal of the Gospel of the Kingdom (S. Douglas Woodward)

16. The Attack on Premillenialism [Panel: Salus, Putnam, Haller, Krieger] (Hagmann and Hagmann)

17. Spiritual Warfare in America [Panel: Peck, DeSanctis, Duval, Kalli] (Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio)

18. The Crisis Accelerates: Putin, NATO, and the Prospect for European Conflicts (Gary Winkelman)

19. America’s Role in the Coming Mideast Wars (Bill Salus)

20. Nuclear Showdown in Iran, The Prophecy of Elam (Bill Salus)

21. Blind Faithlessness: Daniel Unsealed While the Church Slumbers (Doug Krieger)

22. Preparing for the Tribulation [Panel: Kreiger, Daubenmire, Haller, Duval] (Hagmann and Hagmann)

23. Transhumanism in America [Panel: Woodward, Putnam, Winkelman, Derek and Sharon Gilbert] (Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio)

24. Preparing for the Final Battle (Russ Dizdar)

25. Fleeing to the Catacombs (John Haller)

Bonus 1: Hagmann and Hagmann LIVE Broadcast

Bonus 2: Bill Salus interview with Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio

Bonus 3: Russ Dizdar interview with Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio

Bonus 4: Cris Putnam interview with Basil and Gonz of Canary Cry Radio



The Hagmann & Hagmann Show: Prophecy Forum and Analysis of Current Events (10-13-2014)

View From the Bunker with Derek Gilbert (10-18-2014)

The Sharpening with Josh Peck (10-24-2014)

Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval (10-30-2014)