There are some who believe the Antichrist is already here on earth. Others say that it might be Barack Obama. While the speculation continues, one researcher believes that the Antichrist was once on the earth before and is awaiting his supernatural awakening from the grace. This is the theory presented in the book 'The Second [...]


In today's Q&A, we tackle a question that came from Michael. It read "I had a question about something Doug Hamp said in regards to the veil, he mentions during his interview [In AGE OF DECEIT  2] that the veil torn (at the time of Jesus death) isn't the inner veil, but the outer veil. [...]


THE BOOK OF REVELATION seems to be a confusing book. Some suggest that what is revealed to John is a chronological succession. However, it is possible that what is revealed is thematic. When one understands that the entire book is about the unveiling of Jesus Christ, it becomes possible to understand the Book of Revelation [...]


It is interesting to ponder how the Creation story found in Genesis of God creating the world in six days, jives with the scientific data that the universe is billions of years old. One man has a theory as to how this huge gulf can be bridged. That man is Barry Setterfield. In December 1979 [...]


IN TODAY'S Q&A session, we look at the topic of Area 51 and the accounts of former military members seeing aliens and other strange phenomena. The question is then posed whether or not the fallen angels we read about in Genesis 6 are physical or not. This naturally leads to the question, are the fallen [...]


MOST PEOPLE think that those who study the Book of Revelation are crazy people unfit for the church at large. However, it seems that the first few lines of the book reveal to us that not only is it a blessing for those who read it and hear it, but that it's actually a revealing [...]


WELCOME to the Prophecy Forum Podcast! We're excited to be bringing you a new podcast where we will be discussing cutting edge research and study of God's Word. In this inaugural episode, Gonz Shimura and Douglas Hamp introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they plan to do with this podcast. Here are the [...]


WE ARE about to launch The Prophecy Forum Podcast! The first episode will launch on March 17, 2014. Our goal is to create another place on the internet to provide cutting edge research and study of God's Word. Please visit iTunes, looks up "The Prophecy Forum Podcast" and leave us a rating and a review. [...]

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