Overview:  We are pleased to announce today the formation of THE PROPHECY FORUM™.  THE PROPHECY FORUM (www.theprophecyforum.com) currently consists of a number of individuals who have united to identify and present topics of high interest to those who study Bible Prophecy and are also interested in forming an Internet community to share insights and encourage one another in these last days before the return of Jesus Christ.  We intend to differentiate our ministry by providing a cohesive message at our conferences (following a symposium format) with special attention to how attendees (in person or via streaming) can put what they have learned into practice and band together to increase the impact upon society wherever they physically live and work.

Our Plan:  During our first year of operation, we will conduct four seminars that will touch tens of thousands of individuals through engaging our audience in person, via live “streamed” delivery of presentations, and recordings of our seminars made available through DVD and streamed delivery.  We will also develop other means to reach our audience such as a weekly newsletter, regular podcasts, and live-streamed radio.  A community of those participating in THE PROPHECY FORUM will be formed through social media.  As the Lord leads, we anticipate other venues may be formed to enhance the ability of participants to share and support one another on an ongoing basis.

Our Team: THE PROPHECY FORUM includes the talents and experience of five senior individuals. S. Douglas Woodward, serves as President.  He is a seasoned business executive and author of eight books.  Next, John Haller, serves as our in-house counsel. He is a highly regarded practicing attorney and watched weekly via the Internet from his pulpit in Columbus, Ohio where he co-pastors a wonderful church there.  Doug Krieger, a third leader is editor of TribNet.org and currently author of three books.  Along with Woodward, he co-wrote. The Final Babylon, an expose of why America resides at the heart of Bible prophecy.  [The Final Babylon has been and continues to be a best-selling eschatology book during the past year.]  Gonzo Shimura is the creator and producer of the film Age of Deceit and recently Age of Deceit 2.  [Note: The first film was downloaded over 3 million times easily touching over a million lives.]  Shimura provides technology expertise for our organization.  He will also be releasing a book very soon.  Our last (but not least) leader is Gary Winkelman, a senior business professional and serious student of Bible prophecy.  He has provided business leadership internationally involving the US government, Russia, and the Middle East.  Winkelman provides leadership for THE PROPHECY FORUM in marketing, advertising, and strategic alliances.

Partnering with TruNews:  Additionally, we are pleased to make mention of our partnering with TruNews, a highly regarded Christian news service with international reach. TruNews and its leadership will participate in our conferences in several ways which will be discussed in the weeks ahead.  We are very appreciative of the work of Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, and the TruNews team.  We are eager to identify ways to support one another in the months and years ahead.  Also our team is privileged to appear with some frequency on TruNews broadcasts.

Our Message:  Historically, many prophecy conferences have been conducted supplying a ‘mish-mash’ of topics often leaving participants excited but bewildered and without a clear direction for what they should do ‘next’ (How do we “occupy until He comes?”) Instead, our meetings will be patterned after a symposium, where one major theme constitutes the focal point for all presentations with the messages well-coordinated.  Furthermore, we will develop follow-up plans for our TPF members.  Our hope is to create a virtual community comprised of seminar participants, both ‘in person’ and via ‘streaming.’   This will also enable organic growth where word of mouth and social networking can grow the impact of TPF.  Finally, our principal concern is the state of America today and its influence on world events. While we will touch on a wide-variety of issues, for us the vital question remains, “What prophetic message must the Church present to be relevant in our nation NOW?” Our message will be directed to believers and non-believers alike.  We seek to provide inspiration but also direction in order to impact our world in a meaningful way.

Request for Assistance:  After start-up capital is raised, we anticipate our ministry will be primarily ‘self-funding’ through revenues earned from seminars and media products (ongoing donations are projected that comprises no more than 5% of our income).  To launch our ministry, we are seeking $50,000 of “up-front donations” or two-year loans. However, we are fully ready to launch operations after $25,000 in donations or loans have been accumulated.  Please note:  We will not seek to be a tax-exempt organization.  We have made this decision in order to not compromise our conviction to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  501c3 status, while providing for donations to be tax deductible, mandates that the organization not take political stances nor restrict its message to “non-political” matters.

Conclusion:  A financial summary with detailed information about each of our five leaders is available upon request.  Please contact Doug Woodward at doug@dougwoodward.com to receive additional information or to inquire about becoming a financial partner with THE PROPHECY FORUM.   Our web site, www.theprophecyforum.com, will be updated regularly and provides further details about us, our statement of faith, and will provide information about our first conference to be held in November.

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